Fiber of the Gods
From the very beginning when the concept of the brand was founded MATTHILDUR knew that Alpaca would be an element for designing essential to convey aspects of the brand’s philosophy that were so dear to her.
Each winter Alpaca’s renowned qualities precede the selection of sweaters that make up part of the collection. Softness, durability and a luxurious quality define essential characteristics that MATTHILDUR wishes every woman to have in her wardrobe. 
The design of shapes and seasonal themes are thought of after careful consideration of the potential of the alpaca based yarns MATTHILDUR choses.
Historically this yarn tells about a tradition of breeders across South America, dating back thousands of years, when ancient tribes of the Andean Highlands of Peru, Argentina Chile and Bolivia used the fiber to make clothing for the royalty, hence the expression “The Fiber of the Gods”.



Nowadays two types of Alpacas are used to produce a range of yarns that are thought of internationally. The first one, the Huacaya quality, is dense soft, sheep like fibre and the other, the Suri is prized for its longer and silkier fibre, giving it a distinct dreadlock like appearance; MATTHILDUR has been designing hand knit garments in this spectacular material not only because it looks good but also feels great to wear!
Equally precious is the finer yarn quality called Royal Alpaca, which is considered as remarkable in comfort as cashmere and camel. The selection is made from the shearing of the Suri and the Huacaya varieties, respecting the animal’s life style. Think of Baby Alpaca as a quality of alpaca and not as a young animal in distress! Our yarn suppliers INCATOPS and MICHELL have an international reputation for processing the fiber in a responsible and respectful manner.
Because MATTHILDUR Icelandic origins are rooted in traditional knitting we like to say that MATTHILDUR RELASHONSHIP TO ALPACA FIBER is like a first love that was never forgotten; falling in love with Alpaca has been the beginning of a design project based on the bond with nature and a natural approach to design.
We hope you enjoy or AW16 Knitwear collection!