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 As we enter the cold months of the year, we wonder if our favourite sweater is still where we left it last spring. If we do indeed find it is it about time we look for another one to replace it? Is it possible to replace its irreplaceable warmth and fit? Do we even both to when the collar, length of the sleeves or the color was why we chose it in the first place?

What does the perfect sweater look like?

For MATTHILDUR every Autumn/Winter collection is an opportunity for providing the ideal sweater to the contemporary woman and her lifestyle: warm, light, special in every way. A modern approach to design can define itself in the make of a sweater; where the yarn is sourced; the care and quality provided by the supplier; that there is a process in place that ensures the animals are not exposed to cruelty or neglect and the overall commitment to good practices and a mutual benefit for farmers and makers.

Since the beginning, MATTHILDUR has relied on Alpaca Yarn makers whose practices are aligned with our mission. Indeed today’s approach to designing has to be responsible in acknowledging all the parts involved. Recognizing a quality yarn when you touch it is as important as knowing where it comes from. The aspirations of timeless design will contribute to making the long lasting relationship between the sweater made in Peru and its wearer stronger and warmer in every sense.

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