Best Women’s Travel Clothing From Matthildur

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Best Women’s Travel Clothing From Matthildur

Summer travel can be the most exciting part of the year: flights to new destinations, touring unfamiliar cities, enjoying new cuisine, and making memories are among the highlights of the season. To help you travel in absolute comfort and style, Icelandic designer MATTHILDUR provides a full range of stylish, travel-friendly options. Here is some of the best women’s travel clothing from MATTHILDUR! These pieces are perfect for the fashion and time-conscious traveler.

Umiak Top

Draped tops are perfect for travel. From the airport to sightseeing, they are universally appropriate and comfortable. A simple draped top is easily dressed down with a pair of jeans or leggings. This is ideal for long days of travel either in a car or a plane. For maximum comfort, add a light jacket or scarf! A flowy top is just as easily worn for a more formal night out and would pair well with a pair of form fitting trousers or a simple skirt.

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Pebble Skirt

Jersey skirts with ruching details are ideal for travel, because they are low maintenance while still looking quite stylish. This item can be quickly folded into luggage with little to no concern and simply shaken out when it’s time to get dressed.

The Pebble Skirt is also another great transition piece that moves from day to night seamlessly. Whether worn with a simple white t-shirt and sneakers or stylish heels for a dinner date, this skirt will provide a sleek and sophisticated look.

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Fisherman Dress

This effortlessly stylish dress is another must-have while traveling. The Fisherman Dress provides a great casual, daytime look. The flowy free and loose fit will keep you comfortable all day. Pictured with our Deck Leggings underneath, this dress is easily adapted to situations such as long sightseeing walks or midday brunches. For a more relaxed style, try adding some comfortable walking shoes or maybe even a light hoodie jacket. This sporty dress is ideal for daytime adventures and exploring unfamiliar cities!

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Karva Dress

Looking for a dramatic statement piece? You need the Karva Dress! This is another light and fun draped dress—with pockets! Made from the same high-quality materials as all MATTHILDUR pieces, the Karva Dress will add a touch of elegance to your travel wardrobe. This unique dress will definitely be a conversation starter, but its effortless style is what will make it a treasured wardrobe piece. With no need to iron or steam the soft jersey drape, you’ll have one less thing to worry about when unpacking at your travel destination.

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Chamotte Top

Dresses are great, but separates are a necessity, especially while traveling. Having separate pieces gives your travel wardrobe options and flexibility. The Chamotte Top is a simple piece that is easily paired with jeans or leggings, but the asymmetrical neckline will upgrade your look from basic to distinct instantly. This top is great for the more conservative dresser who wants to experiment with style without going too far out of their comfort zone.

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Deck Leggings

Leggings remain a fashion and travel staple for good reason: they’re comfortable and stylish and appropriate for most casual occasions. MATTHILDUR Deck Leggings will take you comfortably from the long hours at the airport or in the car to a fun day exploring the city or to a cute restaurant for dinner.

Styling these leggings is a breeze. There are so many options! A simple hoodie, for instance, would go as great with these as well as a flowy, patterned top would. The simplicity of these leggings means that they can be paired with almost anything!

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More Great Pieces From MATTHILDUR

With so many options for fuss-free women’s travel clothing, it’s impossible to go wrong. If you’re looking for items that travel well, require minimal effort, and provide maximum style, look no further than the jersey pieces from MATTHILDUR. These pieces are a perfect mix of comfy casual and effortlessly elegant. Which piece will wear on your next trip?


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