10 Timeless Casual Outfits for Women Over 50

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10 Timeless Casual Outfits for Women Over 50

A casual look can be equally stylish. Enjoy the comfort and sophistication of MATTHILDUR Icelandic designs that make putting together an outfit a breeze. If you need some inspiration while creating your look, enjoy our ten timeless casual outfits for women over 50. After gathering a few ideas, personalize the outfit with your unique flair to make it your own!


The Athletic Look

If you’re always on the go, the athletic look may be an option you need to explore. Try pairing our relaxed Umiak Top with our fitted Deck Leggings for an effortless casual outfit. Get a quick start on your tasks for the day with this hassle-free style, and look great doing them.

A Pop of Pattern

No matter your age, it’s always fun to add a subtle pop of pattern to your look. We suggest matching the Freya Dress, a solid black dress with thoughtful pockets, with the mid-length, white-tattoo print Marina Legging. The addition of the patterned leggings immediately makes your outfit dynamic and allows you to show off your own personal style.

A Sleek Dress

A dress is the number one timeless piece a woman can wear. You can never go wrong with the simplicity and elegance of designs like our Reformation Dress, a knee-length option with wide straps and a stylish print. Perhaps the best part of a dress is that it provides the quickest way to look your best: just slip it on, and you’re done!

The Layered Look

Layers allow you to look put together without seeming like it took much effort. You can throw a light sweater over just about anything to elevate your outfit. If you’re aiming for something dressier, try the Rim Knit Sweater over our Vessel Dress. Or, for something more casual, try it over the MATTHILDUR Tank Top. No matter what style you’re going for, layers are always a great option!

Monochromatic Outfits

Try something new with a monochromatic outfit. To pull off this casual look, the color of your top and bottoms need to be the same shade. Often times, a particular color is unique to the brand you buy it from, so mixing pieces from multiple stores may not work. It’s also important to know that although you’ll be wearing a single color, it doesn’t have to be bold and bright. Enjoy a classic, understated look when you combine our light pink Christaline Top with the Golden Pants in the same hue. You’ll soon discover that, yes, you can absolutely look chic in a single color!

Mix & Match Patterns

Mixing patterns is another great way to express yourself. Consider building an outfit with the MATTHILDUR Tide Top and Cabin Pants. This top sports our Tattoo pattern, while the bottoms have thin, horizontal, light gray stripes. Although these are two distinct designs, they work together to create an amazing outfit.

A Statement Jacket

On cooler days, simply make your jacket the center of your look. All you need to do is invest in a high-quality, thoughtfully designed piece like the Fury Jacket to make a statement. Plus, a jacket pairs with essentially any bottoms, and even most dresses!

A Twist on The Classic Button-Down

Button-downs will never go out of style. But you don’t have to settle for the traditional, rectangular-shaped version of this classic design. Instead, enjoy the flair of modern options like our Viva Shirt. This is a short-sleeved, high-collared, peplum shirt that allows you to look both professional, yet fashionable. Complete the outfit with our light gray Stine Pants, and you’ll be ready to take on the day in style and comfort.

Experiment with Asymmetry

If you’ve never tried an asymmetric top, it adds a striking dimension to your look. The Chamotte Top has an asymmetric neckline that falls slightly off one shoulder. When you go with a bolder top like this, make sure that you keep your bottoms simple so as not to take away from the look. The classic design of our dark gray Equinox Skirt will complement an asymmetric top perfectly.

Consider Color-Blocking

Color-blocking involves pairing a solid top with a solid bottom of a color that opposes it on the color wheel. The distinct contrast makes for a unique and sophisticated outfit. For example, consider pairing our solid yellow Geo Pants with our solid pink MATTHILDUR Sweater for a chic, minimalistic style.

Shop All of Our Timeless Pieces

These ten timeless outfits for women over fifty are all available at MATTHILDUR. Browse our full collection for more great outfit ideas. Or sign up to get five easy pieces shipped right to your door: you can purchase the items you love and send back the rest. Then we can send you more!


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