Comfy Winter Outfits for Women from MATTHILDUR

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Comfy Winter Outfits for Women from MATTHILDUR

As we enter the end of the year, we are grateful for our ability to present MATTHILDUR clothing to our global audience and revel in the shared exuberance of clothing which is comfortable, or as we like to say "comfy.” In keeping with our casual lifestyle, the focus on clothing that combines both form and function is our mission. Here are some comfy winter outfits for women from MATTHILDUR!


Outfit #1

MAYTA BLOUSE paired with our MERITO TUBE SKIRT with a Gold zipper (available upon request). The juxtaposition of a comfy blouse with our pattern of the season and a slim tube skirt conveys both a strong sense of style while still being relaxed. Mixing the fabrics also adds a strong sense of individuality and power.

Outfit #2

Our NAYRA BLOUSE and KILLARI PANTS in Velvet Satin Pleats is one of the most luxurious and comfy outfits of the season. The Killari Pants have a half elastic waistband on the back of the pant for added comfort, while the Nayra blouse is boxy and comfy. A perfect outfit for any holiday gathering or just lounging in front of the fire.

Outfit #3

The SAMI SHAWL and the HAWKA PANTS embodies everything about MATTHILDUR and how a woman aspires to dress. The softness of the Sami Shawl in Royal Alpaca and the comfort of the Hawka Pant is both timeless and comfortable in its simplicity.

Outfit #4

To say the QURA SWEATER is a MATTHILDUR classic is to state the obvious. It is one of our favorite and most requested sweaters every winter, and to think it is because it is so soft and it makes your smile. The ILLARI PANTS also qualify as a “classic with a twist” as it is our most comfy and most versatile trouser. Whether it is to work in or to play in, our clothing is always comfortable and empowering.


By combining fabrics and styles that are both timeless and luxurious, MATTHILDUR has come to define the woman and her choices in a sophisticated yet comfy selection of empowered and modern choices. Dressing well has never been easier in our opinion. MATTHILDUR and M x MATTHILDUR strive to cover our friends in the most timeless and comfy outfits.

Stylish & Comfortable

Comfy is something that everyone strives to be. By dressing in MATTHILDUR and M x MATTHILDUR, one is still able to look and feel fabulous, while not being restricted by trends or fashion dictates. Style is something which comes naturally while selecting garments season after season from our collections.

Attention to detail in our fabrics and design convey the message that you can look and feel great while still maintaining comfort and style in your everyday appearance. Our use of Pima Cotton, be it in our “classic with a twist” MATTHILDUR shapes or a “simple” pant or top, confers the true meaning of comfy once your put on the garment. The feel of the fabric and the shape of the garment say comfy in a subtle yet powerful way.

Soft, Luxurious Sweaters

Our sweaters combine all of the best details of fabric and design. With the Peruvian resources of Royal Alpaca, Suri Alpaca and Pima Cotton the softness and comfort level is unparalleled. From the softness to the enticing look of casual luxury, MATTHILDUR becomes those coveted items in your wardrobe.


This season MATTHILDUR invites you to tell your story. It can be aspirational or it can be inspirational, either way you will be your true self. When you are wearing our clothing, we hope you will always be comfy and inspired to be your inner beautiful self. Explore our collection today!

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