How to Dress as an Empowered Woman

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How to Dress as an Empowered Woman

How DOES the empowered woman dress? With so many fashion rules and fashion trends it can be hard to define the style of the empowered woman. Does she dress in all black? Does she only wear luxury designers? While there may not be any steadfast rules about how to dress as an empowered woman, we have five tips that can help you exude your confident and commanding personality.

Stay True to Your Style

With trends and styles changing almost every day, it can be expensive and almost impossible to keep up with what’s on trend and what’s out of style. Someone who is unsure of themselves may find themselves succumbing to the whims of the fashion gods and jumping on every new trend. However, the empowered woman knows that her style is all her own and not dictated by social media influencers or Hollywood Starlets.

While the empowered woman may experiment from time to time, she never feels pressured to fit in with what everyone else is doing. The empowered woman knows how to work her own style.

Break the Rules

There are so many petty rules when it comes to style and fashion that it can be hard to keep up: no white after Labor Day, only one pattern at a time, shoes and bags must match. These rules can make dressing for the day a boring chore! Who wants to dress according to a checklist?

Instead of experimenting with fun styles, the less confident may stick with the status quo, because they are so used to abiding by the rules concerning how a lady should dress. The empowered woman knows that rules were made for breaking! She loves bright and bold colors and fun prints and patterns in her clothing. She doesn’t shy away from unique silhouettes, colors, prints. The empowered woman breaks boundaries with her sartorial choices.

Get Comfortable!

There’s no denying that for many women, beauty equals pain. From your hair and makeup to the impossibly high stiletto heels that wreak havoc on your feet, an ultra-glam daily routine can be uncomfortable at best and miserable at worst. It’s time we changed that!

Women can be stylish AND comfortable—and they deserve to enjoy their clothing. The empowered woman knows that she will shine no matter the look and will fit in whether she’s wearing athleisure to the airport or a ball gown to an upscale event. Her confidence shines through most when she feels at ease with what she’s wearing. While the empowered woman may not wear a sweat suit in the board room, she will find pieces that are appropriate for the given occasion and keep her comfortable inside and out. As a matter of fact, the more comfortable she is, the more confident she is.

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Take Up Space

Women are told to make themselves small for their entire lives: don’t take up much space, don’t speak loudly, don’t stand out in any way. Many women even dress to shrink their bold personalities so as not to ruffle any feathers.

The empowered woman shakes the table in her life and in her wardrobe choices. She has no problem wearing pieces that command attention and take up space. A structural detail on one shoulder may cause passerby to walk around her, but the empowered woman never apologizes for the space that she occupies.

Dress for You, And No One Else

This has to be the most important tip of all: wear what you want, when you want to wear it, how you want to wear it. In a world where we are constantly told that we are simultaneously too much and not enough, it’s important for women to decide what they want for themselves.

Dressing to impress anyone but yourself is often a losing game, as it depends on the opinions and validation of others. Instead of waiting for compliments and approval from outside sources, the empowered woman knows that she looks fabulous and amazing, because she has dressed for the most important critic: herself. Because she is confident in her decisions, she knows that her style reflects her personality and character.

Final Thoughts

The empowered woman knows that her most important accessory, her personality, shines through no matter what she’s wearing. She stays true to her signature style while also pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. Her style choices are all her own, and she makes no apologies for her killer style. Tell us, what does dressing as an empowered woman mean to you?

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