Timeless, Seasonless Clothing From MATTHILDUR

  • By Mark Keller

Timeless, Seasonless Clothing From MATTHILDUR

Our designs are indeed "classic with a twist" which enables our clothing to be worn comfortably year round. They never really go out of "style." We strongly believe that our clothing will become favorites in your wardrobe, and as such you will not want to part with them. Since our clothing is both comfortable and wearable, our mission has been to provide designs and fabrics that will sustain the test of time. Learn more about our timeless clothing, and explore our collections today.

Carefully Sourced Materials

Our carefully sourced fabrics include Stretch Taffeta, Crepe, Silk, Satin, Pima Cotton, Twill and Gabardine Stretch to highlight just a few. These materials provide year-round wear for you our cherished customers.

Easy Matching

The palette of Black, Grey and White always combines with other Neutral colors in your wardrobe. The addition of a few colors that "pop" in our collections provides truly seasonless and timeless clothing options.

Explore Our Collections

We strive to make clothing that reflects the lifestyle of our customers. By using fabrics and designs that combine for sustainable use, we hope to empower you in your choices. Our clothing transcends time and style, offering you endless and timeless choices.

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