What Is Slow Fashion & Why Does It Matter?

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What Is Slow Fashion & Why Does It Matter?

For years, clothing brands and manufacturers have been producing inexpensive and often low-quality clothing to keep up with ever-changing trends. This concept is called fast fashion. While it may be fun to wear a new outfit for every occasion, the environmental and social impact of those choices are long-lasting. Enter the concept of slow fashion. In this post, we’ll share how the slow fashion movement is helping to resolve some of the negative consequences of the current breakneck pace in the fashion industry.

As an avid proponent of Slow Fashion philosophy, MATTHILDUR works to establish meaningful relationships with our garment makers, using local materials and resources whenever possible. We are an artisanal brand, with all of our clothes produced in small batches.

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What is Slow Fashion?

In simplest terms, slow fashion is the opposite of “fast fashion”. Here are some defining features to help you understand the trend:

Production Rate

Whereas big box, fast fashion retailers churn out new designs and merchandise daily, a slow fashion company will produce offerings that can live throughout the season and beyond. At MATTHILDUR, we consider our pieces to be well-made classics that can be worn over and over again and styled in multiple ways.

Promoting Continued Use

Fast fashion companies often have lower quality production to capture the latest trends, resulting in the need for consumers to constantly buy new clothing. Slow fashion, on the other hand, focuses on producing high-quality, long-lasting pieces so consumers can get years of use out of their clothing.

Environmental Impact

Recent studies have shown that clothing waste has reached an all-time high. In fact, the average American throws out 81 pounds of clothing per year. Fast fashion clothing trends are one of biggest problems leading to this waste.

Fast fashion is produced rapidly and at low cost, which means that items are often lacking in quality and not meant to last over longer periods of time. Although much of this clothing is recyclable, people are continually forced to get rid of out-of-season or quickly worn-out items.

Sow fashion pieces, however, are generally made with the wearer in mind. One of the core tenants of slow fashion is ensuring that clothing can be worn as long as possible. Here at MATTHILDUR, we use high quality, locally-sourced materials like Royal alpaca and Pima cotton. Constructed with expert craftsmanship and luxurious materials, our pieces are meant to be enjoyed for a lifetime—not to occupy a landfill.

Social Impact

Mass production common to fast fashion brands often leads to worker burnout and encourages low wages. Many large retailers have come under fire for the poor working conditions of those making their clothing. Low pay combined with long hours may keep costs low and production high—but it does not consider the wellbeing of workers. From those who provide the materials and design the clothing to those who actually make and stitch the clothing, fast fashion often adversely affects its laborers.

At MATTHILDUR, as a proponent of slow fashion, we work closely and fairly with small producers as a way to support local businesses and contribute to local economies. 

It’s a Lifestyle

Slow fashion is also part of a lifestyle choice. Many people have been leading lives of excess as a way to express success. Bigger houses, larger cars, and more clothes have become synonymous with a successful image. In an attempt to keep up with the Joneses and Instagram influencers who rule the social media sphere, many have fallen into the trap of consuming more to give the appearance of a full and rich life.

Recently, however, many have adopted a more minimalistic lifestyle. Minimalists understand the negative impacts of consumerism and strive to cutdown their consumption—for example, by owning fewer pieces of clothing and wearing less-current trends. A minimalist’s closet will often feature a handful of high-quality classics and basics that can be worn over and over again without going out of style.

Final Thoughts

Slow fashion matters, because it considers the consumer, the worker, and the environment. As a response to the constant flow of fast fashion, slow fashion presents a more mindful approach to style.

Timeless silhouettes and designs that can be worn over the years are perfect for the stylish woman who wants to make memories in her clothing. At MATTHILDUR, we are committed to the slow fashion movement and will continue to make pieces that reflect the slow fashion ideology.

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