Women's Alpaca Wool Sweaters

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Women's Alpaca Wool Sweaters

Q & A with Matthildur

MATTHILDUR offers a full line of women’s alpaca wool sweaters. Explore our latest alpaca sweater pieces, and learn more about the benefits of alpaca in this Q & A with designer, Matthildur Halldorsdottir.

Hand knitted with love and care makes our sweaters the greatest in the world. 100% natural.

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I’m Passionate about the use of the Suri Alpaca yarn in every winter collection, season after season, hand knitted or woven into original designs. My interest in this fabulous natural material goes back to the beginning of my designing career. Alpaca is the reason for me starting the company in my early years living in Peru.

- Matthildur Halldorsdottir


Q: How would you describe your Suri Alpaca wool sweater today?

M: Beautiful, surprisingly soft and light, warm in cold weather and cool in warmer weather. 

Q: What is special about this yarn?

M: Honestly, everything!! Alpaca is one of the strongest, most functional and sustainable fibers on planet Earth. There are two varieties of Alpacas, the Huacayo and the Suri. We work with both types of fiber. The latter has particularly long, fine and silky fiber which does not crimp. It does not itch when turned to yarn, and the absence of lanoline in the fiber makes it naturally hypoallergenic. I am particularly fond of Suri yarn as it makes great designs in hand-knitted sweaters.

When travelling in winter, I always pack my hand-knitted Suri Alpaca sweater going to the States or visiting Iceland. It’s beautiful and easy to take care of!

Q: It looks so luxurious and delicate! How is it easy to care for?

M: I always say to my customers: treat it as if it was your hair! Wash it with good quality shampoo, in delicate warm water. Then rinse it well, roll it in a towel to take out excess water, and lay it flat to dry in a well ventilated room.

Q: Are Alpacas originally from the Andes?

M: Yes! Alpaca’s are amazing camelids. Up to 4 million of them live in Peru, which is 75% of the total global population.

Life can be harsh in the Andes, with freezing temperatures in winter. Over the centuries, the local population has mastered the art of shedding the animal, spinning the fiber into the finest yarn and making amazing knits with original designs. The inhabitants of this region live side by side with the Alpacas, making them companions of their life journey.

Q: With sustainability being one of the most discussed topics in fashion nowadays, how does the use of this fiber come into perspective?

M: When I first began working with Alpaca, I was mostly interested in bringing it to the market for more women to discover its amazing qualities, using local produce and sharing it with the rest of the world.

Later, I realized that the sustainability of the Alpaca is well documented. Since the animal has paws, not hooves, it doesn’t do harm to the land. In addition, the shearing of one Alpaca can provide up to four sweaters, whereas a Cashmere sweater needs four shearings for a single sweater.

Q: Where do you buy the yarn?

M: Since the beginning of my company, I have been working with the best suppliers of Alpaca in Peru. They only produce certified and guaranteed yarns from alpacas raised in the highlands, living in adequate conditions and roaming around freely in their natural habitat.   

The growing concern for the environment, social responsibility and support for the Andean people in Peru is to be applauded. I want to embrace it by being a part of the slow revolution where making the right choice on what you wear is the beginning of a mindful lifestyle.

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