Timeless Dresses for Women Over 50

Shop MATTHILDUR’S line of timeless dresses for women over/under 50. Each individual style is designed with you in mind and becomes a practical and comfortable addition to your wardrobe.

Luxurious Materials

Comfortable clothing starts with proper materials, and at MATTHILDUR, we only use the finest fabrics responsibly sourced from local businesses. Our fabrics range from the softness of Pima Cotton Lycra, Pima Cotton Modal and Pima Cotton Stretch to Stretch Taffeta and Silk Satin.

Many of our Pima Cotton dresses contain a 3% mix of Lycra, which provides just the right amount of stretch along with comfort and ease.

Unique Icelandic Design

Our style is all about making use of the proper fabrics. Helmed by iconic Icelandic designer, Matthildur Halldorsdottir, we are an artisanal brand focused on producing small, seasonal batches of clothing for the moment. We strive to create timeless, innovative styles that transcend trends. 

These casual dresses are your new everyday basics that are anything but basic. It is important to create dresses with just the right amount of punch to empower a woman to feel joy each time she wears MATTHILDUR.