Women's Pima Cotton & Alpaca Sweaters

Shop Icelandic designer MATTHILDUR'S collection of women's Pima Cotton and Alpaca sweaters. Be cozy and look stunning in MATTHILDUR sweaters!

Luxurious Pima Cotton

Imagine the perfect sweater. What are the first words that come to mind? Likely something like this: warm, soft, comfortable and COZY. That’s exactly what Pima Cotton delivers. The material is hand-harvested in the lush coastal valleys of Peru, producing radiant white fibers that die beautifully and are free from the impurities typically resulting from industrial harvesting processes.

This incredible material is not only wonderfully soft but also highly durable, lasting 50 percent longer than other types of cotton!

Amazing Alpaca

Alpaca is an incredible material that’s perfect for cold weather garments. It’s warm, cozy, and best of all, sustainable. MATTHILDUR works in close partnership with locally-owned Peruvian alpaca ranches to source this material in a sustainable and responsible way. We then spin the wool into a light and fluffy yarn to produce some of the world’s most luxurious sweaters.

Stunning Icelandic Design

Helmed by Icelandic designer Matthildur Halldorsdottir, MATTHILDUR combines modern Icelandic fashion with responsibly and carefully-sourced Peruvian fabrics. Explore our sweater collection to find a wide selection of unique and timeless sweaters.

Featured Pieces

Agata Sweater

This boxy sweater features a ribbed collar, cuffs and rim. The boucle’ yarn is naturally fluffy and light, and the overall feel of the piece is absolute softness and comfort.

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Dune Sweater

Drop down shoulders and deep side slits make this style a sophisticated piece to lounge in.

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Canasta Sweater

This handknitted sweater features delightfully embellished loops. As part of our commitment to sustainable projects, this yarn is plant dyed locally.

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