About Us

 The MATTHILDUR brand is based in Lima, Peru

Inspired by Iceland's dramatic landscape, art, and culture, MATTHILDUR's exquisite clothing, designed for women, is guaranteed to make a subtle statement.

Carefully chosen luxurious fabrics are complementing all body shapes and sizes.
MATTHILDUR creations are favored by women of all ages who like to dress in a sophisticated manner, albeit with an edge.

MATTHILDUR is sold around the world to an ever-increasing global coterie of women not necessarily influenced by trends, but rather by the timeless designs and luxurious fabrications.

MATTHILDUR reflects and embodies the changing times. There is no tomorrow as it was yesterday. As we look towards our common needs and survival of the planet, we cannot ignore the toll being taken on Mother Earth. 

The delicate approach in the creation and the manufacturing of the garments, reflects the respect, commitment and consciousness of MATTHILDUR:
Mature, Responsible, Authentic, Beautiful.