A Summer Dress Up!

A Summer Dress Up!


To dress up or down, to dress smart or formal, the use of the word dress as verb makes me smile. To put on clothing these days is in fact part of our own personal style as much as a way of observing norms and conventions of a dress code.

Over the years, I have really tried to establish my own personal views on women clothing and how I wish for our wardrobe to be representative of self-expression.

When designing the perfect summer dress for example, I keep in mind all the qualities that a dress should reflect: freedom, playfulness and of course, using fabrications that will enable the body to feel at ease.

Choosing a dress means being practical and decisive about making it a one-piece statement that says something about each of us: how good we feel about ourselves and how projecting it can be inspirational.

Our Collections include Dresses which have brought us and our clients great satisfaction over the years; we emphasize styles with different body types in mind, ranging from a fitted to a flowy, more oversized silhouette. Versatile and easy to wear designs featuring original prints renewed every season.

There is nothing more liberating than slipping one on and instantly feeling perfect and ready to go. So, I truly hope you are enjoying our MATTHILDUR and MXMATTHILDUR SS22 Dress Collections.

With Love


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