November 16, 2023 2 min read


BE SEEN. What does it mean in the world of MATTHILDUR and MxM? Hopefully in a series of blog posts beginning today we can shed some light on this semi serious subject and at the same time give a bit of historical reference.

Looking back at the “counterculture” that our generation created in the 1960’s and 70’s and seeing how it influenced and revolutionized the way we thought and how we are seen today, how far have we really come in being noticed.

We surely stood out by the way we dressed, as we influenced the “fashion” world with our Bell Bottoms, loose flowy dresses and blouses and our long hair; along with a general disregard for straight culture. It was our armor in the culture wars, the culmination was Woodstock, as we were begrudgingly accepted. Three days of peace, love and music along with pictures being splashed all across televisions and newspapers around the world. 

Our clothing and our appearance shook the status quo and ushered in an alternative lifestyle for generations to come.

Today it translates into “street culture” with iconic luxury brands falling victim to placing their logos on sweatshirts and clothing, something which would never before have been considered even close to fashion. Times have once again changed, although now we are caught on the other side of the divide as it were. Not at all interested in wearing logos or skin tight clothing and still not part of the status quo, how do we remain seen?

The question is actually rhetorical, since good taste never ever goes out of style and beautiful clothing with a twist is always noticed. Sans Tambors Ni Trompette, translated from French it means “without fanfare.” That is something very opposite about what is being force fed to the masses and the culture of overconsumption. 

We much prefer beautiful fabrics, designs and prints which do not scream for you to notice, but you are seen because what you are wearing is your armor. It says all that needs to be said about you, be it a stitch or a detail which is significant.  It could be the jacquard sweater or the loose pants with a detail at the knee. It could be that top which fits so perfectly that it requires a second glance, as if to say “that is special and you look great.” The Alpaca Suri sweater which is so luxurious it requires a second look. The Pima Cotton Lycra Mega Dot which is especially interesting in a simple dress. Some things just demand that you look twice, not because they are loud but because they are special, and that has always been the point. 

So we are still the alternative to that which has been labeled as mainstream. We are on the edge but now we are much more refined in our approach to how we look and act. No longer do we need to be loud to be noticed. We wear our clothing as we always have, a little bit left of center, but always interesting and always with a touch of class. A little bit bohemian still, but  our tastes have aged to reflect all that we have learned from living our best lives.

Mark Keller
Mark Keller