Drawing from Art

Drawing from Art

I am drawn to finding inspiration in art.   During one of my visits to the MOMA in New York I came across ‘The Swimming Pool’, a composition of ultramarine blue paper cut outs on white paper by Henry Matisse (1869-1954).

 I was immediately fascinated by its unconventional format, its seemingly naive technique and its free flow composition of “swimming figures”. The “aquatic ballet of bodies” spoke to me of liberating freedom and vitality despite its reduction of forms, it’s dynamism captivated me!

Matisse was already 82 when he conceived this art work, bed bound and no longer able to paint. Experiencing his art, I tried to imagine Matisse in his studio, determined beyond the imposed limitations of old age but still prolific in its explorative methods.

I am very proud to present the MATISSE print, inspired by his genius.  We  have tried to capture the essence of movement and the forms of abstract simplicity as a recollection of spontaneity and freedom. Calm and lively, equally organic and contrived, I hope you enjoy the positive message it conveys.

Every collection designed for the warmer months aims at bringing together the purpose of form and function in harmonious balance. By adding textiles prints, it seems to me the best way to express the bold mood, creating a “Wow” moment for the woman who wears it.

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