Susy Dyson, an extraordinary lady

A good friend of mine and an enthusiastic fan of MATTHILDUR, Susy Dyson, has agreed to contribute to our blog posts this month.

Bringing her own recollections and experience as an international model for Karl Lagerfeld, FENDI and Vogue from the 70’s and 80’s, she pinpoints a few contemporary questions surrounding the fashion scene. We love her for her straight up positivity and energy. Thank you Susy!  Matthildur Halldorsdottir.

l have been recalling conversations and phrases with my father that are related to economic states and the flow of fashion trends that will possibly coincide with the state of the current scenary.

Is it possible that it will move as it did in the Roaring Twenties after the Spanish Flu and World War I?  As a student of fashion history pre WWI, layers were the norm in clothing, but during the Twenties minimal layers became the new normal and fashion became looser and shorter. Dresses and skirts became knee length and not as tight; could we be headed in that direction?  

Is it possible skirts will get longer as they did after the shorter hemlines of the Sixties that saw Mary Quant raise the hemline of her skirts in 1964 when the iconic miniskirt was born?

Or will it be  followed by, as my father referred to it as "an excess of cloth" that he was delighted with, as his sales improve. During that period the first 'maxi' dress appeared on the runways in 1967 and the style was adopted by the mainstream toward the end of the era when psychedelia patterns were trendy with the Hippies who adored wearing flowing long dresses!

The birth of the computer in 1969, which followed the WWII economic boom, when only four universities in America had computers, which graduate student Charlie Kline referred to as being  "room-sized with under floor conditioning,” in turn gave rise to the internet.  From those humble beginnings we have been catapulted into a globalized world economy, which has been brought to a screeching economic crash caused by the coronavirus in 2020.

I believe we are now obliged to observe as fashion becomes more conscious of being in harmony with the planet.  This choice of 'quality and sustainability', thank heaven, is the guiding star for Matthildur in her vision as an ethical human and designer.

I've always found that the noticeably interesting factor of MATTHILDUR´s collections is that from season to season my wardrobe choices continue to multiply significantly; MATTHILDUR clothing is timeless.

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