Learning from the past

Learning from the past

In Spring as the temperature rises and the light endures further, we become more imaginative and productive.

There is much to be inspired by as we pause to gaze on nature’s doing, especially its resilient ways to create and nurture. 

The ancient rulers of Peru were savvy enough to observe the natural world and to integrate its mechanisms into the architecture that would serve their civilization. Using the topography and existing materials of the land as part of the design is by definition what makes Pre-columbian architecture unique.

This season I wanted the collection to have a visual connection with these ancient cultures.

We developed the Piedra print , literally ‘stone’ in Spanish, observing the mesmerizing qualities of ancient construction. The semi-worked blocks of stone, fitting perfectly into an organically formed structure speak of the Peruvian ancestors' ability to merge architecture into the surrounding land, creating a perfect balance between the natural and the artificial. 

Rediscovering  ancient cultures and interpreting their designs into modern visual expressions is a way to participate in the ongoing conversation with our past.  Piedra print is characterized by soft yet bold watered strokes that strengthen the silhouette, bringing forward an expression of individuality for the woman that wishes to connect and be inspired by imaginative cultures.

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