Our Care Label: On Ways to Include Sustainable Practices in Our Daily Life

Our Care Label: On Ways to Include Sustainable Practices in Our Daily Life

Washing, rinsing, softening, spinning, drying are familiar practices we follow to care for garments.  Once they’ve been worn, everyday items will conveniently mix with similar color garments and recover promptly after a vigorous machine wash.

We all care to look our best and the appearance of our clean and fresh garments makes us look and feel even better.

Let's consider for a moment, how caring for our garments can have a positive impact on their durability.

It begins with the tiny care label in every garment. 

It is in fact the recognizable touch of certain fabrications that allow us to guess on its care instructions.  Are we possibly clever by choosing simple fabrications on the assumption that it will be easier to take care of them? 

There is no wrong answer nor any judgmental predicament on how we choose our clothes nor on how we take care of them. 

 In an attempt to encourage the participating role of you, the consumer, in a conversation with our brand, we would like to point out simple practices that our care label attempts to communicate.  Where we are not efficient enough, we want to begin a conversation on how to improve.

First, the care label should make it easier for consumers to organize their garment care, with understandable instructions listing a suggested care, which will confirm the easy maintenance our pieces require. 

You may be familiar with our range of styles in Cotton fabrications: sweaters, pants, cardigans, tops, t-shirts, dresses, jackets and sweatpants made in Peru with local materials. We are strong promoters of comfortable fabrications and local sourcing, so both collections MATTHILDUR and MXM are designed with the strong component of cotton. 

These garments are best cared for by machine wash cool or cold and a gentle tumble dry cycle, because their exceptional quality will last longer if taken care of properly. 

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