Pima Cotton: Peruvian Pride

Pima Cotton:  Peruvian Pride

MATTHILDUR was founded based on our inherent love and respect for Pima Cotton. Grown in the lush northern coastal valleys of Peru its rich soil provides almost idyllic conditions for growth. Pima Cotton is environmentally friendly and hand harvested while other cottons are industrially harvested. This process results in the brilliant white fibers which are free from impurities and dye beautifully.

We were drawn to Pima Cotton based on its appeal of softness, durability and luster, along with it being highly resistant to pilling. Not only for the softness and the luxuriousness, for those with sensitive skin it is hypoallergenic.

Without being too technical the fibers are extra long, usually 1 ¾”, while most other cotton is ¾” long. Pima Cotton is therefore more durable and lasts fifty percent longer than other cottons.  

Each garment we produce using Pima Cotton is locally sourced and manufactured in Lima Peru. The garments are hand sewn in a small locally owned factory where we have been producing for decades. While the workmanship is superior to industrial production and the cost of each garment is a little bit higher, the woman who is drawn to MATTHILDUR and Pima Cotton enjoys the investment in quality.

The MATTHILDUR woman is drawn to the softness, quality and durability of Pima Cotton and for that reason it is the standard by which cotton is measured. From the harvest to our customers every garment produced is done with love.

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