Spring/Summer 2020 Collection

Spring/Summer 2020 Collection
The idea to choose Heida Asgeirsdottir as our model came about after reading the book about her, A SHEPHERD AT THE END OF THE WORLD. Heida typifies the MATTHILDUR woman; strong willed, independent, modern and filled with integrity.

The juxtaposition of our modern and timeless clothing on an Icelandic shepherd shows the versatility our designs have; crossing generations and continents. Our favorite fibers such as Pima Cotton, Linen and Taffeta combined with our designs in the context of rugged Iceland, tells a story of modernity mixing with Mother Earth.

Our asymmetric styles combined with global influences from Iceland, Peru and Japan create clothing to be worn by a woman who is confident in her body and mind. Clothing tells a story of who we are, the MATTHILDUR woman is guided by the timelessness and strength she achieves when dressed in MATTHILDUR.
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