The Language of Nature

The Language of Nature
For Spring Summer '21 our original Safari Print is inspired by brush strokes on canvas and my interpretation of the natural world. Fluid and fragmented strokes, resembling the coat and horns of exotic African animals, create a pattern alluding to the savage beauty of untamed wilderness; fear and beauty overlapping in a continuous renewal of life.  
Years ago, I went on a Safari with my family and came as close as safety will allow it to wild life. While I expected much visual beauty, I could not have foreseen my reaction to such an amazing experience. I felt the grace, strength and the intuitive vitality of animals reaction to each other and to nature. With each breath I took in the sounds and vibrations!   When I came to  the drawing board, memories of that trip came flooding back. While the outside world was trying to get by, I felt I had to work on something that reflected the strength and endurance I had witnessed.
Every collection designed for the warmer months aims at bringing together form and function in harmonious balance. Our Safari Print strives to enrich the surface of our pima cotton lycra design with the beautiful language of nature, its innate artistic perfection and inevitable frailty. Sand on Black, Beige on White and Black on Beige; these color ways are the mood of this season’s collection, bringing calm and lively impressions over our designs.
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