The Local Way

October 30, 2020 1 min read

The Local Way

Behind every collection countless factors determine the success of a style
which is created within a framework of values that speak to the consumer
and society as one.

While the “fashion system” has been under pressure this decade to
improve its methods of production to become a more sustainable industry,
consumer awareness concerning the buying experience has been shifting
to a more conscientious approach. This translates into making the buying
experience not only fun and therapeutic, but a conscious decision to
choose garments based on style and quality which truly speaks to the end

As a brand with real women in mind, our goal has always been to find the
balance in every aspect of garment making; a constant, conscious
exercise that feeds our creative flow and sets our collective standards
very high.

Today we wish to share the most important aspects of our company which
represent the singular way in which we try to bring balance to our
industry by taking a local approach.

1.Flexibility: By staying reactive to demand, it has allowed us to offer
exceptional service to our clients.
2. Greater control: We are a small enterprise, a second family for our
workers, which builds trust, communication and common goals.
3. Local sourcing: Of foremost importance, we work with local resources
such as cotton and alpaca, which has allowed us to build strong
relationships with our suppliers of the yarns and the fabrics.
4. Good for the community: The small family run businesses stay
independent and grow with us at a balanced pace.

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Matthildur Online
Matthildur Online



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