To feel Fresh and Comfy all Summer

To feel Fresh and Comfy all Summer

Comfy bottoms, slim bottoms, wide bottoms, tight bottoms, having options of different bottoms for different shapes has never been more important to women!

It´s incredible to think that such a versatile item of a woman´s closet was barely imagined 80 years ago.Thanks to savvy and daring female designers such as Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiapparelli the first styles of pants became an option for the elegant woman of the time.

A young Coco Chanel would wear a flowy "beach pajamas" with unconventional ease while vacationing on the French Riviera with her lovers in 1918, and she then introduced them in her collections in the 1920´s.

In the 30's Schiapparelli, Italian aristocrat turned designer, presented the pantsuit as a statement look that proposed a modern female silhouette but it took another 30 odd years for women of the western world to begin wearing them casually.

As we strive to cover ourselves in the most comfortable and appealing way, our clothing speaks volumes as to who we are. Our choices say much about us, sometimes in a very subtle way and at other times we are a bit louder.

In the summer time, the weather calls for a laidback approach that stresses freshness and playful ease. Pants are important components that make the collections versatile, so that as many styles as possible converse with each other. From the slim pant to a loose lounge pant comfort and distinction are quintessential to our proposal for the contemporary woman. Our skirts are just as important, from loose and flowy to the perfect tube skirt with rushing.

At MATTHILDUR everybody is different and working with proportions is what makes every style accessible. Bottoms in general have to be strong allies to the woman whose life is more articulated than ever!

Designing for her means understanding the relevance of communicating confidence and a positive attitude at all times.  So dress up or dress down, make it your own version of MATTHILDUR or MXMATTHILDUR.


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