Soft, comfortable, easy to care for, this midweight fabric has been featured extensively in our winter collections because it allows us to interpret the comfort of lounge wear, its casual functionality with added value in design, attention to detail and local sourcing of Peruvian Pima Cotton.

Historically, French Terry has been very popular since the 80’s particularly with the younger generations for its practicality and its “no sweat” wearability. Nowadays, most of us, have at least one sweatshirt or a jogger in our closets. Needless to say, this past year we have all indulged in wearing the most comfortable items in our closet while managing the emergency and French Terry is probably what these items are made of. 

If you look at it closely you will notice that unlike woven fabrics, this knit fabric is made of interconnected loops using a single yarn that reduces fraying and gives the fabric additional ability to stretch. This distinct process makes the fabric smooth on the outside and soft and loopy on the inside. Supple and versatile French Terry has been rising to become catwalk material for trendy fashion labels, a bit like denim in the 80’s, in fact. From the streets to the catwalk and back to the wider audience.

For us, bringing French Terry in the spectrum means that functionality is a characteristic of what our designs can provide in terms of construction and detailing. In addition, we have been able to broaden our use of local Pima Cotton making the best possible quality of French Terry.  Nonetheless, by maintaining its primary characteristics of a low maintenance fabrication, with no need for dry cleaning, hand wash, or special washing instructions, just cold water in the washing machine and low tumble dry, French Terry is a comfortable and logical choice for MATTHILDUR.



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