What Is Slow Fashion & Why Does It Matter?

What Is Slow Fashion & Why Does It Matter?

At MATTHILDUR we share a common bond with our family and friends as part of SLOW FASHION, in that we only produce artisanal clothing.  We have always produced and we will continue to only manufacture high quality and long lasting garments. We only produce in small factories where workers are paid fair living wages and work in clean and comfortable surroundings.  Our emphasis is only quality garments produced in a quality work place.


During this time especially we are most attuned to continually providing quality garments that are timeless.  We believe that our customers only need garments which will be timeless and will add some zip to their current wardrobe.  We understand that everyone of our customers have enough clothing, we strive to add only special pieces every season.

SLOW FASHION will continue to evolve and while we find ourselves at this moment in time continuing to assess our mission, always providing special has been our goal.  Less waste and a smaller impact on the environment requires us to respect Mother Earth and you the end user. We remain committed to providing clothing that brings joy while respecting the process of manufacturing.



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